Guidelines for Club Miles

     We keep track of club miles to encourage participation in club events and to develop a strong sense of community among club members. By riding together we learn from each other, sometimes compete with each other, and enhance our camaraderie. By joining rides and sharing their riding experience, club members contribute to the strength and vitality of our club in the single most important way.   

In Town Rides

  1. Only Calendar Rides count for ride leader recognition (and bike bucks). This is to encourage leaders to post their rides on the calendar whenever possible. Calendar Rides can be scheduled by any club member with at least 2 days’ advance notice.
  2. Listserv Rides can be announced by any club member with at least two hours’ advance notice. For these to count for club miles at least one other member needs to show up. Listserv Rides shouldn’t closely replicate a Calendar Ride in terms of starting place, time, distance and speed.
  3. Any club member can claim leadership of a Show and Go that is posted on the calendar. In order to count as a Calendar Ride, leadership should be submitted to the calendar with at least 2 days advance notice.
  4. On all rides, club miles will be reported by the ride leader only. Reporting more or fewer miles for individual riders will be at the ride leader’s discretion.
  5. On Show and Go’s the possibility exists for groups to do different rides, but otherwise the same constraints as for Calendar Rides and Listserv rides apply.

Calendar Rides: rides with an announced ride leader that are posted on the calendar.
Show and Go’s: rides with no announced leader.
Listserv Rides: rides that are announced on Listserv but are not on the calendar.

Out of Town Rides

For out of town rides to count as club miles they should:

  1. be posted in advanced by a rider coordinator on the out of town calendar
  2. be open to other club members, and
  3. be relatively accessible – that is, either in Indiana or an adjacent state. Rides can be outside of an adjacent state if 3 or more club members participate. Other rides that have a tradition of WRCC participation may also qualify.

Commuter Miles (Honor System)

Commuter miles are submitted directly to the Log Coordinator ( once per month. Commuter miles may be claimed for:

1) Commuting to work or school.
2) Running errands, visiting friends and family, etc., etc.
3) Riding to and from club rides.