Maps and Routes

These are bike routes in the Greater Lafayette area or in other areas that our members especially like posted in Adobe Acrobat PDF files. Click below to expand the categories. Thanks to Charlie Myer for drawing many of these maps.

Paved Roads in Tippecanoe and Surrounding Counties

These maps were researched and drawn by Charlie Myer. Click on the image of each county to get a PDF map.

Boone County Clinton County Carroll County White County Tippecanoe County Montgomery County Fountain County Warren County Benton County

Our Collection of Routes

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12 Mile Route (Janet’s)
If the weather is nasty or the light is short this quick 12 mile trek through the neighborhood from Burtsfield school in West Lafayette is the route to take.
27 Mile Cemetery Route
This is a good route in the SE part of the county that you can ride on Halloween or anytime you would like to see some Tippecanoe history.
34 Mile Potholes Mountain Bike Loop (Charlie Myer's)
Get a chance to see "College Rock", a huge rock that is about the size of a house.
58.1 Mile Cemetery Route
This is a longer version of the 27 Mile Cemetery Route, going almost to Frankfort.
92 mile Loop (Brad Grenard's)
This ride starts and finishes in Independence and goes through Attica, Covington, Perrysville, Kingman, Waynetown and Wingate.
Cambria Loop (Charlie's)
This ride starts and finishes at East Tip Middle School. It is a 41 mile loop that goes through Mulberry and Cambria
Country Cupboard Ride (RoseMary's)
This ride starts and finishes at East Tipp School NE of Lafayette in Tippecanoe County. It goes through Tippecanoe and Carrol Countys and along the way passes by the Country Cupboard, an Amish store.
Cutler Culinary Cruise (Culpepper's)
This 44 mile route starts at East Tipp Middle School and then goes into Carroll County. The route features the restored Adams Mill and Adams Mill Covered Bridge. Along the way you can stop in the Cutler Restaurant for a sandwich.
Flood of 2003 Route (Charlie Myer's)
The first week of July, 2003, the Tippecanoe area along with Fountain, Warren, Carrol, Clinton and Cass counties experienced a severe flood not equaled since the late 1950's. Between Lafayette and Attica approaches to both the Granville and Independence bridges were flooded. This 57 mile loop tours some of these areas.
Flour Mill Bakery Loop (RoseMary's)
This ride starts and ends at East Tipp School and meanders through Tippecanoe and Clinton Counties. It passes Skiles Market near Rossville and the Flour Mill Bakery on 800N. This is an easy ride of 25 miles.
Ft. Wayne to Evansville Route (Charlie Myer's)
This is a hearty 365 jaunt that takes you through Huntington, Wabash, Peru, Logansport, Delphi, West Lafayette, Independence, Attica, Covington, Rockville, Merome, Vincennes, and Princeton.
Interesting Places in Vermillion Co. Tour (Charlie Myer's)
This tour starts and ends in Covington which is 45 miles southwest of Lafayette. On this 62 mile tour you will visit places like the Skinner Farm, Junky Joe's, the Ernie Pyle Home and Museum, and Covington's famous Beef House Restaurant that has some of the best steaks in the area.
Metric Century + Route (Bill's)
This ride starts and finishes on the Wea Plain of Tippecanoe County at May Flower Mill Elementary School. It stretches for 66 miles along the Wabash River, goes through Attica and a covered bridge.
Owen-Putnam Century (Charlie's)
This century starts and ends in Greencastle, IN. Along the way you will see Cataract Falls, the Dunbar Covered Bridge and McCormick's Creek State Park. These are some of the jewel areas in Indiana.
Paved Roads of Tippecanoe County (Charlie Myer's)
Charlie's Tippecanoe map is probably one of the most valuable resources for local cyclists. This map shows every paved road in the county.
Potholes Mountain Bike Loop (Charlie Myer's)
Charlie Myer does it again! This time it is a route for you fat-tire-lovers. There is no better way to see rural Indiana than with a 20 mile loop that starts and ends at Cicott Park in Independence. The Potholes are located North of Williamsport. It's a small nature preserve containing a small gorge with a series of fairly deep round holes in a creek bed created by rushing water stirring trapped stones in the limestone strata. Some of the "potholes" are 6' across and 2-3 feet deep.
Putnam-Parke Co. Tour (Rik's)
This 60-65 mile ride starts and ends in Greencastle, IN and goes into Parke County. There are 2 covered bridges on the route and one other bridge just off the route.
Quick West Lafayette Jaunt (Norm's)
This 21 mile loop starts and ends at Burtsfield School at the corner of Lindberg and Salisbury in West Lafayette. It goes down into the Wabash Valley and back up along some tree-lined roads before going to Montmorenci and back in again. This would be a good route for a new ride leader or for someone new to West Lafayette.
Rocky Ford Route (Brad Grenard's)
This 48.4 mile loop starts at Ross Hills which is about 9 miles west of West Lafayette and just off Division Road. The route features a scenic jaunt along Pine Creek on Rocky Ford Road. For an extra four miles you can take the "red" loop into Pine Village and pick up some refreshments.
Ross Hills-Independence Jaunt
This is a hybrid route between the Quick Jaunt and the longer Rocky Ford Route. This 28.5 mile loop starts at Ross Hills, goes through Green Hill and Independence and comes back along the tree-lined Independence Road.
Ross Hills Quick Jaunt
This quick 18.9 mile loop (or 16.5 mile highlighted loop) goes through the small town of Green Hill before going north. It then goes into the edge of Montmorenci before coming back on Kerber Road. To get to Ross Hills go 9 miles west of West Lafayette on Division Road.
SW Tippecanoe-Fountain County Tour
This 43 mile ride starts and ends in West Point which is 10 miles SW of Lafayette on SR25. It follows the Wabash River valley to Attica and then rolls along scenic roads to Williamsport and returns.
Tour to Delphi to see the Wabash and Erie Canal Park
This 52 mile route starts and ends at Burtsfield School on Salisbury St. in West Lafayette. It goes up to Delphi to the Wabash and Erie Canal Park. This historical park commemorates the canal that became a major transportation route before the advent of the steam locomotive. The route comes back through the small towns of Colburn and Americus before coming to Battle Ground which is the home of the historic Battlefield Memorial.
Wabash River Century 2004 Short Routes
The shorter routes of 10, 20, and 36 miles also started and ended at Harrison High School in West Lafayette. The 20 mile loop went through Battle Ground with a stop at the Battlefield Memorial and then up Harrison Road past Wolf Park and back in on CR 100W and back to the school. Riders also had the chance to examine the cold-war era watch station in Cairo.
Wabash River Century Route of 2004
The longer 65 mile loop of the century started at Harrison High School in West Lafayette and went through Battle Ground with a stop at the Battlefield Memorial and then up to Delphi with a stop at the new Wabash and Erie Canal Park. It continued through Pittsburg and Brookston before coming back to the school. A shorter northern loop of 40 miles took a shortcut at Bicycle Bridge Road. The southern loop of 36 miles stopped in Ross Hills Park, continued through Green Hill, stopped in Otterbein and came back to the school.
Warren-Fountain Loop (Brad Grenard's)
This 55 mile loop starts and ends at Independence. This is similar to the above route except that it goes into Williamsport, goes through a covered bridge and includes a few other scenic spots.
Williamsport-Perrysville-Veedersburg Loop
This 55 mile loop starts and ends in Williamsport

Many of these maps were drawn with Delorme Street Atlas.