Wabash River Ride Training Program

Welcome to the Wabash River Ride Training Program! This program is aimed squarely at novice riders. So whether you are new (or returning) to cycling, new to club/group rides, or just generally don’t go very fast, this program is for you!

Starting the week after the New Rider Callout, we will begin with a very short and slow route. Each week after that, we will gradually push the envelope. Gain confidence with distance, move a little faster, get some practice riding in a group.

The primary purpose of this program is to get new riders ready for the Wabash River Ride, but along the way we’ll build up your confidence to tackle other club rides. Most Novice rides are under 12 miles, E rides will be anything from 14 to about 30 miles. Spend a few weeks with us and you’ll be in a good position to identify which category you’d like to further pursue.

The full schedule is listed below. Please send any questions to (brianslick at mac dot com).

  May 13 New Rider Callout   Click
1 Saturday, May 20 Celery Bog 3 miles Click
2 Saturday, May 27 Celery Bog 6 miles Click
3 Saturday, June 3 Celery Bog 6 miles Click
4 Saturday, June 10 Celery Bog 8 miles Click
5 Saturday, June 17 Kalberer 11 miles Click
6 Saturday, June 24 Kalberer 11 miles Click
7 Saturday, July 1 Kalberer 17 miles Click
8 Saturday, July 8 Kalberer 14 miles Click
9 Saturday, July 15 Kalberer 18 miles Click
10 Saturday, July 22 Mayflower Mill 21 miles Click
11 Saturday, July 29 Kalberer 26 miles Click
12 Saturday, August 5 Kalberer 17 miles Click
13 Saturday, August 12 Kalberer 30 miles Click
14 Saturday, August 19 Kalberer 36 miles Click
  August 26 Wabash River Ride   Click