Wabash River Ride Training Program

Are you new to cycling, or returning after a lengthy absence? New to club riding? Potentially interested in the Wabash River Ride but intimidated by the length of even the shortest route (34 miles!)? Or do you know someone who falls into any of those categories?
Have I got a deal for you!
Starting the week after the New Rider Callout, I will be leading weekly rides at Novice speeds (9-11 mph) with the goal of getting new riders ready to tackle the Wabash River Ride. We will start short (3 mi) and slow (9 mph), and then each week we will gradually push our envelope a little wider. We’ll increase speed, increase distance, climb some hills, and battle the wind. I currently anticipate 13 weeks of gradually-lengthening rides. Our final pre-WRR ride should be about 35 miles at 11 mph. The first few weeks will start from Celery Bog, exploring the multi-use trails (sidewalks) in that area. Then we’ll move to Kalberer and hit the streets, covering some of the typical routes run by other Novice and E ride leaders. Once we get closer to the date of WRR, we’ll head north and play amongst the wind turbines, eventually doing a couple of bakery runs up to Brookston. If there is enough interest, then we’ll do the Wabash River Ride white loop (34 miles) as a group. The first few rides are already on the calendar (Saturdays), starting on May 20, with more to come. We will probably remain at novice speeds for the entire program, but based on feedback from participants will consider E speeds later on. I figure there will be plenty of faster rides available elsewhere for those who want it, so will aim to keep this program on the slow side. Routes will be provided in advance (see calendar), so that participants can repeat on their own or tackle solo if they need to miss a week. The first ride on May 20th will begin with a discussion of tips, techniques, the club, and anything else I can think of that will be useful for new riders to know. So even if those new riders aren’t necessarily interested in the WRR, I will do my best to make it an easy, welcoming entry point for club riding. Please encourage new riders to attend that one in particular even if they aren’t planning on doing the WRR.
I am seeking a volunteer to co-lead this with me. I could use a sweep rider, and someone willing to lead a ride in case I need to miss a week. I’ve taken care of the planning, so at most (hopefully), this person might be asked to lead 1 or 2 rides. Send me an email if interested.

Thanks, Brian Slick