Closing the Gap On: Lenny Lavin

"I’ve always biked but really started to ride more consistently about six years ago with the Monticello group."

The Wabash River Cycle Club's "Closing the Gap On..." blog series is a brief minute spent getting to know your diverse cycling community! If you know of someone who wouldn't mind sharing just squeaks of information about their cycling life, please contact us at to nominate them (or... yourself!)

What is your name?
Leonard (Lenny) Lavin

What town do you consider your original hometown?

What kind of work do you do? If retired, what was your life’s work?
Residential Real Estate Appraiser

Do you engage in any hobbies when you’re not cycling?
No, nothing in particular.

What is your cycling background? Have you always biked? If you got back into cycling as an adult, how did that come about?
I’ve always biked but really started to ride more consistently about six years ago with the Monticello group.

Do you lead any WRCC rides? If so, how do you plan your routes?
Yes, I do lead WRCC rides. I typically plan based on wind direction and distance.

How often do you ride your bike each week in good weather?
Three to four times per week.

Do you track your mileage? Do you have a mileage goal?
Yes, I keep track of mileage, but I do not have a mileage goal.

How far was your longest bike ride?
Longest single day ride was about 185 miles (many years ago).

What was the most interesting ride you’ve done—or the hardest?
Riding the Blue Ridge Parkway.

What was your worst cycling-related injury?
Getting a dog caught in my wheels and flipping onto my back. Many scrapes.

Do you ride hell-for-leather down hills or are you a timid descender?
I like to go down hills as fast as possible.

Have you ever ridden a fixie?

If you could ride your bike anywhere in the world, where would you want to go?
The Western United States (Utah, Arizona, Wyoming, etc.)

Do you enjoy working on your bike or do you prefer to take it to the bike shop for basic maintenance? For more complicated stuff?
Take it to the shop.

What is your favorite food to consume during a ride?
Nothing in particular.

Clipless, toe clips, or flat pedals?

Hills or wind?

Is there a local road or route that you especially love?
I like Bicycle Bridge Rd.

What is your favorite destination when you’re cycling in this area?
Going through and to the small towns.

Do you follow any big-name cyclists? If so, who?

Bike camping: adventure or torture?
Camping is an adventure.

How do you stay in shape over the winter?
Spinning at the local gym.

What do you like about riding with the Wabash River Cycle Club?
Meeting new riders and going to new locations.

Written by Administrator on Thursday July 25, 2019

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