December 2018 Paceline

by Pat Boling, WRCC President
with help from Ryan Stremke, Vice President, & Rob Cumberland, Treasurer

On Giving Back

Well it feels like Fall has tapped out and Winter has assumed the lead as the months and seasons complete another rotation in life’s paceline. As 2018 comes to a close, some of us have put up the bikes for the year while others have placed them on indoor trainers or migrated to gravel and fat-tire bikes. Like a good paceline, the month’s column rotates between the club accomplishments, challenges, and looking forward to warmer days and the 2019 cycling

The Lead Out - Accomplishments

Through the end of 2018 we've seen a 14% increase in the number of riders who have reached the 1000 club mile mark. As of November 27th, we had 64 riders who have hit the mark, up from 56 from last year, and the number of club miles ridden have increased 20% over 2017. (In 2018 so far, WRCC riders have logged 198,030 on 5631 rides, versus 163,495 on 4520 rides in 2017, just counting road riders). We also saw a big increase in riders who logged at least one ride with the club, up from 221 last year to 248 riders this year for an increase of 12%. On the down side, in 2017 roughly 15% of the overall number of riders with the club logged just one ride, and in 2018, that number increased to almost 19%.

Whereas we saw near perfect riding conditions for the 2017 Wabash River Ride, the 2018 edition saw some very wet conditions. As a result, income from the ride was down $1018.49 compared to 2017. The club was able to offset the drop in registration fees by asking riders to purchase ride t-shirts, partnering with CopyMat for advertising posters, and getting creative. As a result we were able to reduce the cost to put on the ride by $2541.86. The club’s financial
summary is provided below.

2018 YTD income and expenses for the bike club, as of November 27, 2018:

INCOME 2018 2017
Membership $4,919.15 $4,010.00
Donations $166.44 $0.00
Bank Credit $208.12 $330.72
Wabash River Ride Registration & Shirts $10,836.51 $11,855.00
total income $16,130.22 $16,195.72
Insurance, Banquet, Bonfire & Bike Bucks $5,810.16 $6,452.01
Website & Professional Expenses $1,056.00 $336.01
Office Expenses $397.95 $977.12
Wabash River Ride Expenses $8,188.39 $10,730.25
total expenses $15,452.50 $18,485.39

The Headwind - Challenge

Like any ride, the club is facing some headwind. In 2018 we saw our insurance and other costs increase. With the interest in the club, we have seen the Bike Buck program grow. Our 2018-earned Bike Bucks reward to be redeemed in 2019 is expected to top $1070. The operating deficit of 2017, combined with increased costs does not leave us much of a “rainy day” cushion. At the end of November 2018 we had $7684.89 as a cash reserve in the
bank. The club leadership has concluded that we could worry less about our bank balances if we increased some of our fees and charged for some of the events that have been free to members in the past. Here are some changes and suggestions that we’ve either decided on or that are under consideration:

Rotating Off the Lead - Return of Warmer Weather

We’re looking for a few new folks to run for the Board of the club. Our current Board is Ed Lambuth, Randy Putt, Tony Smith, Courtney Brubaker, Brittany Huff, and Molly Birt. Of those six, the first three are rotating off and we are seeking new people to fill their places (it’s possible that one or two of Board members whose terms are up may run again for office, that’s normal and permitted). The Board chooses the officers, which will include a new president, as I am stepping down as president at the end of February after three years of writing Paceline columns, running Board meetings, keeping track of pending business, and interjecting my opinions and leadership into all kinds of issues.
I can’t speak for the rest of the club’s officers (whether they want to continue in their current positions, aspire to a different one, or would like to step down), but here’s who they are: Ryan Stremke is vice president, treasurer is Rob Cumberland, secretary is Kathy Schroth, and the WRR coordinator is Andy Hirsch.

With change afoot in several dimensions, it’s a good moment to throw your hat in the ring and give back to the club. If you are interested in running for the Board, let me know by sending an email to me at patboling at gmail etc, and I’ll make sure that we collect biographies and get them distributed before the banquet. We’ll hold elections in late February and the members of the club will elect the new Board, and the new Board members will elect the new cast of
officers. We’ve always tried to represent different strands of the club, making sure that we have people on the Board who ride categories from E through A, gravel grinders, now and then someone from Monticello, and representation of different styles, age cohorts, tastes and opinions. 

Hang tight through the cold weather: summer is coming!

Written by WRCC on Tuesday December 11, 2018

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