January 2019 Paceline

by Pat Boling, WRCC President

Happy New Year!  …and lots of announcements!

I’m starting to feel valedictory – as in, this is my next-to-last Paceline for the club!  So first things first, even if I’m 2 weeks late:  happy new year to all of you!  I’ve been suffering from a nasty sinus infection, and it’s thrown my year-beginning bearings out of whack. 

Change is afoot in the Wabash River Cycle Club, and we’ll be seeing this on Martin Luther King Day with the soft roll-out of a new web page for the club.  As you know from Molly’s email, we need you to refrain from renewing your membership between now and January 21st.  Once the new membership base and website are operational, we’ll be looking for those membership renewals!

The all-member meeting of the WRCC will be Sunday February 10th at 2:00 pm at the McCallister Room A of the Tippecanoe Public Library (in downtown Lafayette).  Come join in a wide-ranging conversation about our mission and the purposes and projects you want us to pursue, what we can do better, or anything else that’s on your mind.

Run for office:  we’re looking for folks to step up and run for the Board of the WRCC.  Because we anticipate some turnover in leadership, we’ll need more than just the 3 people whose terms are up as Board members.  I’m stepping down as president, Kathy is stepping down as secretary, and Randy Putt, Ed Lambuth and Tony Smith have terms that are up this year.  If (as is usually the case) we recruit some new officers from the existing Board, we’re going to need more than 3 new people to serve on the board.  So throw your hats in the ring!  Send me a short (150-200 word) blurb on your involvement in the club and why you’d like to serve on the Board by February 1, and I’ll get an election-related Paceline ready before the Banquet.

Speaking of which, our annual club banquet will be on February 23rd. Cost for club members and their guests will be $10 a head--the club will pay the rest. Social hour begins at 6:00 p.m. upstairs at the Lafayette Brewing Company. Those who rode 1000 miles or more last season will have T-shirts to claim. Did you get fancy new cycling gear recently? Bring the old stuff for a small-scale swap meet. As always, you are welcome to dream up silly awards to hand out to your riding buddies to commemorate fun times we had during the riding season.  Since alcohol will be available for purchase, all attendees must be over 21.  (Please respond to the Google poll on whether you plan to attend so that we order enough food using this link: https://goo.gl/forms/6eSGQUEqtXa8UdVF2 ).

There are occasional rides, mostly posted on the listserv but a few on the calendar, even during cold weather.  Gravel grinders get out more often than road riders, who are fair weather folk.  Winter riding can be invigorating and beautiful, but you have to dress for it!

My 2019 new year’s resolution:  have more fun riding, and be less angst ridden about it!

Written by WRCC on Thursday January 17, 2019

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