Section 1. 

Membership is open to individuals, families, and businesses, particularly in the Tippecanoe County Area, who desire to promote the various club purposes and bicycling in general.

Section 2. 

Types of memberships available:

  1. Individual (high school or over; non-student)
  2. Individual (student, high school, college)
  3. Family

Section 3. 

Parent or Guardian’s signature necessary for approval of individual membership for those under 18.

Section 4. 

Annual dues shall be set by the Board of Directors. Annual dues are payable throughout the year. Members will be sent electronic reminders when their memberships are expiring; non-paying members will be dropped after a one month grace period.



Section 1.    

The annual meeting shall be held in February.

Section 2. 

Special meetings may be called at the request of the club president. The subject of discussion at such meetings shall be stated in the call. No other business shall be transacted.




The “Corporation” shall refer to the legal entity known as the Wabash River Cycle Club.

Section 1. 

The Corporation shall be governed by a Board consisting of 6 Directors. Each Director shall serve for 2 years and will serve staggered terms, so that 3 directors are elected to the Board each year by the club membership. Any vacancy occurring on the Board caused by a death, resignation or otherwise shall be filled until the next annual meeting by a vote of a majority of the remaining members of the Board.

Section 2. 

The Directors shall determine the policy of the Corporation within the guidelines of the purposes of the Corporation as stated in the Articles of Incorporation and in ARTICLE VIII of this document.



Section 1. 

The officers of the Corporation shall be chosen by the Board of Directors.

Section 2. 

The duties of the officers are as follows:

President: Shall coordinate and supervise total club programs: preside at club and Executive Committee meetings and be responsible for producing the Paceline column for the monthly newsletter.

Vice President: Shall assist President in carrying out the club responsibilities and shall serve in the President’s absence. It is recommended that the Vice President serve as chairman of the Rides and Activities Committee.

Treasurer: Shall keep and prepare all club financial records and transactions: make necessary reports.

Secretary: Shall take minutes at club and Executive Committee meetings: issue minutes and general notices and announcements. The Secretary is also responsible for the filing an annual report of the Corporation’s activities with the Indiana Secretary of State.

Wabash River Ride Coordinator: Shall take primary responsibility for putting on the Wabash River Ride. This office is not subject to the four-year term limit in Section 3.

Section 3. 

Officers shall hold office for 12 months or until their successors are selected by the Board and duly installed. An officer may not occupy the same office for more than 4 consecutive years. Vacancy in office during the term of any officer shall be filled by the Board of Directors.



Section 1. 

The Executive Committee shall be composed of the Officers, the Directors and such committee chairs as may be invited by the President to be present to discuss the business of their committees. The Executive Committee shall meet on call of the President and shall be responsible for the carrying out of the regular business of the Association, other than such business as is properly carried out by the Officers or by operating committees. Only the Officers and Directors may vote in meetings of the Executive Committee.
Section 2. 

Appointed committees of the club shall carry on the program and business of the club. Such committees shall be established which in the judgment and discretion of the Executive Committee shall best accomplish the purpose of the Corporation. The President shall appoint all committee chairs. Committee chairs may select their committee members from the membership of the Corporation. The President may remove a committee member or disband a committee only after consultation with the Executive Committee and receiving a majority vote of approval for such action.



Section 1. 

Annual Election of Directors by club membership will be organized by the board.

Section 2. 

The President shall accept nominations for Directors at least one month prior to the election. The nomination process will be open to all club members. The annual election shall be concluded no more than one month after the annual club meeting.



The By-Laws may be amended in any respect at any regular meeting of the club by an affirmative vote of 2/3 of the club members present in person. No proposed amendment shall be acted upon at any club meeting unless it has been presented in writing to all members of the club at least 30 days in advance of the meeting.



Wabash River Cycle Club

To provide opportunities through cycling for:

In addition, the membership shall engage in the following activities for the benefit of the greater Lafayette community:

Board Meeting Minutes are approved by the board following monthly meetings, and posted online for members to read.

You may access current & previous years' minutes here