The Wabash River Cycle Club keeps track of club miles to encourage participation in club events and to develop a sense of community amongst our members. By riding together, we learn from one another, sometimes compete with one another and strengthen our camaraderie. A special WRCC Club Shirt is awarded to riders who reach 1,000+ miles on the road or 500+ miles for commutes in the calendar year, which is a fantastic achievement.

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In Town Rides

  1. Calendar Rides are posted to the Ride Calendar with a designated ride leader. In Town Rides must be submitted by a club member to the Ride Calendar within two days of its start. 
  2. Show and Go's are rides with no announced ride leader.
  3. Listserv Rides are announced on the e-mail Listserv but not on the calendar. Listserv Rides must be announced by a club member with at least two hours advance notice. For Listserv Rides to count towards Club Miles, at least one other club member needs to show up.
  4. As a courtesy, Listserv Rides should not replicate a Calendar Ride in terms of starting time, location or speed category. 
  5. Ride Leaders who post their rides on the calendar are eligible for recognition and "Bike Bucks." This is to encourage leaders to post their rides on the calendar whenever possible. 
  6. "Bike Bucks" are a tangible incentive for ride leaders & sweepers taking responsibility and participating in club activity. For every ride lead, a club member can redeem $1 from Hodson's Bay Company. 
  7. On all rides, club miles will be reported by the ride leader only using the Mileage Submission Form. Reporting more or fewer miles for individual riders will be at the ride leader’s discretion.
  8. Any club member can claim leadership of a Show and Go that is posted on the calendar. In order to count as a Calendar Ride, leadership should be submitted to the calendar with at least 2 days advance notice.
  9. On Show and Go’s the possibility exists for groups to do different rides, but otherwise the same constraints as for Calendar Rides and Listserv rides apply.

Out of Town Rides

Out of Town Rides are rides that are organized tours, rides and events by other clubs or organizations. Out of Town Rides can count towards club miles if they adhere to the following qualifications.  

  1. Out of Town Rides must be posted in advanced by a rider coordinator on the out of town calendar.
  2. They must be open to other club members. 
  3. Out of Town Rides must be relatively accessible – that is, either in Indiana or an adjacent state. Rides can be outside of an adjacent state if 3 or more club members participate. Other rides that have a tradition of WRCC participation may also qualify.

Commuter Miles (Honor System)

Commuter Miles are tracked to encourage cyclists to go by bike whenever possible. They are tracked using the honor system and are submitted via the mileage log submission form. This is intended to be a congenial category that exemplifies cyclists who chose to ride their bikes to locations instead of driving a car.

Commuter miles may be claimed for:

  1. Commuting to work or school,
  2. Running errands, visiting friends and family, etc.,  and
  3. Riding to and from club rides.