Monday, May 25, 2020

WRCC Members,

Happy Memorial Day and the beginning of the summer.  I am sure that you are wondering when the club will resume calendar rides, especially since things are beginning to reopen.  The board met on May 21 to try and begin to sort things out.  All of us have been trying to learn as much as possible concerning the virus and bicycling.  We are in contact with the county Health Department and our insurance seeking their advice.  Unfortunately social distancing is still required or at least highly recommended and it is very hard to social distance while cycling.  If a person a head sneezes, coughs, spits or even talks loudly, it creates a large envelope in which droplets and aerosolized particles would be able to contact another rider especially when traveling fast and breathing hard.  This is the case even when trying to keep a reasonable distance between riders.  It is for this reason that group bicycle rides are considered a high risk sports activity.

Because of the risks to our riders and volunteers (many of which are in a high risk category) the board has decided to cancel the Wabash River Ride for 2020 and hopefully reschedule for 2021.

At our next meeting on June 9th we hope to set criteria for safely resuming rides.  We will be establishing ride guidelines and then will have to train our ride leaders in how to follow them.  Things are definitely going to be different.  Some of the things under decision are limiting the number of riders, more spacing between riders, signed waivers for all rides, limiting rides to club members only, requiring some form of face cover.  Like you, we want to get back to normal, but we are not willing to risk member’s health and/or lives just to be able to ride in groups.

We encourage you to get out and ride but only by yourself or with close associates.  If you have discovered any interesting routes please share them through the list serve.  At this point we would all like to try some new roads or trails.  We are planning on creating some club challenges or activities that can be done safely to keep members engaged until we can resume club rides.  Also if you have any ideas as to how the club can encourage riding and interacting while maintaining social distancing; we would love to hear them.  Stay well.  Stay safe and keep riding.

Thank you,
WRCC Board of Directors