Core Values

Equity, Curiosity, Connection, Empowerment, Sustainability


A woman-led community offering a toolkit to empower everyone to find joy in off-road cycling. The School of Rocks builds skill, confidence and community by organizing a curriculum of rides over 6-week terms.
The School of Rocks provides an alternative space to those who don't feel represented in the traditional gravel scene. We particularly welcome women, riders from the LGBTQIA+ community, and riders of all shapes and sizes, skin color, ethnicity, age, background and ability to discover the joy of exploring by bike. 

What To Bring

The Bike

The School of Rocks rides are mixed terrain rides with a gentle progression in difficulty. The most important thing is that you ride on a bike that is safe, comfortable and enjoyable to ride. Most routes are suitable for touring bikes, hybrids, mountain bikes, cyclocross bikes, gravel bikes, and bikes that can accommodate larger tires (recommendation of 32mm or larger). For more guidance, please reach out to Ride Leaders at their contact information below. 

The Outfit

At the School of Rocks, we believe that cycling doesn't need uniforms!

You should wear whatever is comfortable for you whether that's lycra, a dress, or flannel. We do recommend that you wear padded cycling shorts for your own comfort and hygiene. In the spring some of the trails will be muddy or wet so wear some sneakers, boots or cycling shoes that are comfortable to ride, walk and squelch in. 

The Emergency Bag

Bring the tools you would need to fix minor mechanicals and a spare tube. CO2 cartridges will get you back in the saddle quickly, but hand pumps are a great standby. Please bring lights for evening rides, especially early in the season as sunsets are still a little early. 

The Fuel

Bring enough water and snacks you may need for a 1.5 to 2 hour ride. As the season warms up, you will find your hydration needs increase.

The Mindset

Good vibes - leave the stresses of the day behind you and enjoy exploring and riding your bicycle! Come with an open mind and heart as you push your boundaries and practice new skills. 

How to Join 

Pre register for the ride here: Sign-up Sheet
Check out the route linked in the sign-up sheet. Have an idea of where you're going and where the main features such as climbs or descents are located.

These are led rides, but you are responsible for yourself and your own safety. Check that your bike is safe before joining each ride. This link  is a quick and easy way to check your bike is ready to ride:

Ride Leaders

Questions? Reach out and we are happy to help!

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