Most rides have designated Ride Leaders, both from the Ride Calendar and Listserv. In summary, the ride leader is responsible for developing a route, staying with the slowest rider and turning in the mileage of the riders to the Ride Log Coordinator. Not all rides are created for the same purpose, so the following guidelines are just that. Ride Leaders must recognize, however, that their actions reflect upon the Wabash River Cycling Club and the sport all together.

  1. Plan the route ahead of time. Consider the following:
    1. Safety is the biggest priority
      1. Avoid known dangerous roads
      2. Be aware of known areas with bike-chasing dogs
      3. Speak to riders who ride unpredictably or unsafely
      4. Carry a multi-tool, tire levers, an extra tube and a hand pump/CO2 cartridges to assist in a mechanical issue
      5. Carry a cell phone to call in case of emergency
      6. Understand cycling laws and ordinances in the cities, counties and state 
        1. Read more here
    2. The weather prediction for the day
      1. Wind direction and speed can make for difficult conditions
      2. Sunrise or sunset can affect visibility for drivers
  2. Print a Rider Sign In Sheet (adult form and minor form for under 18)
    1. Ensure each rider signs the sheet
    2. Each rider indicates an emergency contact and/or presence of a Road ID
  3. Make ride expectations known, in the both the ride description on the Calendar or Listserv, and before leaving for the ride. This can include, but is not limited to:
    1. A link to a route map, or a route description
    2. Emphasizing obeying traffic laws
    3. Expectations of rider behavior
    4. Announce re-grouping points
    5. Discussion of ride techniques
  4. Be a good bike ambassador – you represent not just the Wabash River Cycle Club, but the sport itself.
    1. Introduce yourself, and others
    2. Mentor by example: ride predictably and safely
    3. Keep track of all riders throughout the ride
      1. Consider enlisting a sweep for the ride to aid in keeping group together
      2. Ensure that all riders are comfortable with the pace and effort
      3. Resist "Category Creep:" where ride speeds creep into the next category
      4. Look out for new riders to the club
      5. Be kind in your suggestions and directions
  5. Determine the mileage at the end of the ride. These miles are submitted with the names of the riders to the Ride Mileage Submission Form.