New to riding with the Wabash River Cycle Club?  

  1. Always wear a helmet. Do not wear ear buds.  

  2.  Ride smart; make eye contact with drivers, walkers and runners when possible especially at intersections. Assume they have not seen you. 

  3. Call out and signal to riders behind any road hazards such as holes, debris etc. 

  4. Ride as predictable as possible, sudden abrupt stops or movements can cause accidents.  

  5. Call out and use hand signals for stopping, turning and slowing. Do not pass on the right. Call out "On your left" when passing.  

  6. Obey all traffic laws. Do not run red lights or stop signs. 

  7. Do not overlap wheels when riding behind another cyclist, rather keep your front wheel in-line with the ahead person’s back wheel. 

  8. Always assess for yourself when crossing an intersection, do not simply rely on the person ahead. 

  9. Make sure to give yourself a least 1 foot and a half from the shoulder of the road as a buffer in case you should need an escape route. 

  10. Rear lights are recommended during daytime to alert drivers you are present. Rear and head lights are required by law from dusk to dawn.

REMEMBER: You're on a bike! Smile, wave & have fun.  

Other Resources, courtesy of the Global Cycling Network: 

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