The Wabash River Cycle Club recognizes that not all cyclists have the same goals and motives when setting out on a bike ride. That's why our Ride Category System exists – to define the average speed expected on scheduled club rides. Club rides are listed by category. For rides on roads or paved trails, you will see rides listed as “A” through “F”. The letter represents the average expected pace for the ride. Depending upon wind, route or hills, and how well the group works together, your effort to attain the pace will vary. Pace for Gravel and Single-track or unpaved trail ride is determined by the group and ride conditions.

The ride notice may also contain additional information that it will “regroup at the top of hills” or have other instructions. “A” category rides are the fastest and are often listed as “Drop Rides”, meaning that if a rider cannot maintain the group’s pace, the individual will be responsible for finishing the ride on your own.

For other categories, many rides will have designated “sweepers” whose responsibility is to ensure the group stays together. During the ride, talk with ride leaders if you find yourself struggling on the ride or the pace is creeping out of category.

In order to have the best experience, we recommend always reading the ride description so that you understand the particular ride’s culture or expectation. If you are new to riding in a group, start at a slower pace until you feel comfortable. Then move up to the level that meets your goal.

A Pace – 19 to 20+ mph         

B Pace – 17 to 19 mph           

C Pace – 15 to 17 mph 

D Pace – 13 to 15 mph     

E Pace – 11 to 13 mph  

F Pace – 9 to 11 mph 

GRR – Gravel Road Rides 

MTB – Single track or unpaved trails