Mondays at 6 pm from May 13th through September 23rd

Ride Information:

All four groups leave from Hodson’s Bay in West Lafayette, IN, at 6:00pm, and we return at the same location often meeting at a local pub nearby for some additional comradery and sustenance after our respective rides. 

Please note that rides on Memorial and Labor day will leave from Hodson's at 10:00am instead of 6:00pm

Stand Nights

Our popular Stand Nights are back in 2019! Hodson's Bay Company is once again providing the space & snacks where women in the community can feel empowered while they learn about fixing common cycling-related issues and freely discuss topics that interest our riders. Stand Nights occur after an hour long ride.  

5/13 - Fix-A-Flat Night!
To kick off the cycling season properly, the first Stand Night is going to cover a vital skill everyone should know: how to fix a flat tire. There will be a quick demo and lots of hands-on practice. By the end of this Stand Night, you will feel empowered to confidently fix that flat whether alone or on a group ride. Hodson's Bay Comany is giving away free patch kits & an opportunity to win a raffle prize! Dr. Cline of Cline Chiropractics will also join us to discuss cycling-related aches & pains in relation to his field of medicine. 

6/24 - Yoga &  How to Fix a Broken Chain

Rides will leave promptly at 6 pm, so that we may arrive at Hodson's Bay Company for our Stand Night. Bring a yoga mat! Melissa McCandless, a certified Baptiste Yoga Instructor & avid cyclist, will take us through a yoga sequence that she would recommend for cyclists. She highly encourages that we bring in our yoga mats so we can practice together after the ride. Free yoga instruction and practice? Yes, please! Britt Huff will review how to use a chain breaker tool and install a missing link in the event your chain has issues. She will bring a demo bike, and anyone can practice installing a missing link.

7/29 - Women in Endurance Cycling, Indexing Gears & Wine Tasting!

July may be hot, but this month's Stand Night will be even hotter! Sandy and Molly will be guest speaking on their experiences and preparations for Race Across the West. In addition we will cover how to adjust your rear derailleur in the event your bike no longer shifts properly or hops around on the cassette. And finally local cyclist and Traveling Vineyard wine guide Laura Fritz will be providing us with a wine tasting. 

Rides will leave at 6:00pm and return by 7:30pm. Even if you cannot make it to the ride, you are still more than welcome to join us at Stand Night. So stop by and bring a friend!

8/26 - Chamois Talk & Saddles


The Wabash River Cycling Club Women’s Ride began in 2016 as an idea between Laura Furey and Pat Boling to “just get more women out riding” in the community. Monday night rides starting from Hodson’s Bay Company evolved into the ride of today which requires not just one, but four, ride leaders to meet the demands of the women in the community. 

Over the years this ride has grown into a contingency of strong and independent women who attend our rides for a variety of reasons. Some join for companionship, some for the challenge, and others for building confidence in a judgement-free environment. Despite their original motivation for coming out to ride, they all leave with a renewed sense of community and solidarity.