WRCC's popular Stand Nights are back in 2022! These events are open to all WRCC members and local community members. Locations are conveniently spread across the Greater Lafayette area in outdoor shelters provided by the Parks Department.  These are opportunities for the community to learn how to fix common cycling-related issues themselves and become more confident in their ability to discuss problems they may face with their equipment in the event it needs taken to a local bike shop for repairs. As their schedules allow, we will also have guest speakers attend to share their expertise on cycling related topics that interest our riders.

June (Date & Location TBD): Fix-a-Flat

This Stand Night will cover a vital skill everyone should know: how to fix a flat tire. There will be a quick demo and lots of hands-on practice. By the end of the session, you will feel empowered to confidently fix that flat whether alone or on a group ride. In addition, riders will have the opportunity to review the state of their bicycle after a winter's hibernation to help ensure it is in well-running condition for a season of riding with the WRCC. 

July (Date & Location TBD): Wrapping your handlebars

Is your bar tape covered in grit, grime, and last season's worth of your sweat and tears? Learn how to replace it! Bar tape will be available on a first come, first serve basis. If you are particular about your bar tape, please feel free to bring your own, and we will walk you through the process!  

August (Date & Location TBD): Chain replacement and missing links 

During this session, you will learn how to replace your chain when the time comes to retire your old one and use a chain breaker tool. In addition, you will learn the importance of packing a missing link in your saddle bag and how to use it in the event your chain has issues mid-ride. As per usual, you will have the opportunity to practice using the tools and skills on a provided demo bike! Join us and you'll have mastered a skill that many cyclists never pick up! 

September (Date & Location TBD): Cleaning that drivetrain

A happy drivetrain makes for happy, stress-free rides. You will learn how to keep your drivetrain in good condition along with the opportunity to clean your drivetrain up in the process! Note this is a limited bike wash demo. Folks will have the opportunity to wash their drivetrain only. A demo on how to wash the rest of their bike will be provided, i.e. what to wash, how, and things to avoid, but washing the entire bike will not be part of this event due to time constraints.